Trinity Fundability (Scrip)

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Fundability (also known as Scrip) is a very easy way for everyone... EVERYONE... to financially support Trinity Lutheran School. The Fundability (Scrip) program purchases gift cards and gift certificates from area businesses at a reduced rate and sells them to you at face value. You get a dollar for dollar return on your purchases while at the same time financially supporting Trinity Lutheran School. You can use the gift cards and certificates for your everyday shopping; groceries, dining out, gasoline, movie going, etc..... and they also make great gifts!

Question: What is "Fundability" (Script)?
Answer: Scrip is a term which means “substitute money”. Instead of using cash to pay for your purchases at area businesses, you are using a pre-paid gift card or gift certificate.

Question: How does Fundability work?
Answer: The Fundability program buys gift cards from area businesses at a discount and sells them to you at face value. The difference between the face value and the discounted purchase price becomes revenue for Trinity Lutheran School. For example, Scrip buys a $25 gift card from Bath and Body Works for $22, (at a 12% discount.) When you buy that Scrip gift card for $25, Trinity Lutheran School gets to keep the $3 profit.

Question: Who can buy Fundability?
Answer: Everyone! Trinity Lutheran School families, Trinity Lutheran Church members, extended family and friends and the community in general can all help support Trinity Lutheran School by purchasing Fundability Scrip from us.

Question: Where and when can I buy Fundability Scrip?
Answer: There are a number of places and times that you can purchase your Scrip gift cards:

Fundability gift cards can be purchased at the Trinity Lutheran Church office, Monday through Friday, between 8:30am and 5:00pm.
Fundability gift cards can be purchased at Trinity Lutheran School during school hours.
Fundability gift cards can be purchased a special events taking place at both Trinity Lutheran School and Trinity Lutheran Church. Watch for our booth!